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Fish with two fins, with the rivers and oceans, in order to make their swim was happy; birds have wings, with the vast sky, to let any of its free flight. Wonderful life, in fact, you are ready to "paper kite", only the east wind, flying to the ridge.
Butterfly wings of this color, but it prepared a micro-special structure, with this special structure, it can calmly tell the world: I have wings, only to light up.
Yes, in life, "I have wings," is a strength, you have, and there is a leisurely; "wait for the light" is waiting for the right time, once there, natural beauty boundless. Because when the strength of opportunity, the state of life will change, such as the dormant frog encounter spring, from silence, to sing all the way to sing; such as rain after the sun hit the sky, from fresh light cloud, to the seven-color rainbow .
All this, just as Zhuangzi "Happy Tour" in the Mirs, "If the back of the mountain too, if the wing down the days of the cloud," and so only "sea" coming, "Tuan spread upward, the horns and those nine miles, , Negative blue sky, and then map South ", and enjoy the tour of Happy. Imagine, Peng no strength, or strength, but can not leveraging to 90,000 in altitude, can not achieve the ideal side.
Life is like fable, fable is life. Professor Cheng Hong is professor of English at the Capital University of Economics and Business. She went to the countryside when the mountain, during the day to participate in heavy production of labor, reading at night still insist on learning. When the resumption of college entrance examination, she entered the university with the strength of the door. Later, when people stare eyes on the utilitarian and fashionable, she chose "willing to be lonely, distracted, perseverance, take the initiative to squat body, lay a solid foundation of knowledge." When the natural beauty of the United States to the east coast of the wind, the professor has been studying for ten years with great concentration, the work to wait for the body.

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